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Northern Territory selfdrive tourist guide
Kakdau National Park, Litchfield National Park, Katherine Gorge,
Tropical Darwin City

Tropical Darwin in Australia - Over 500 photo's and 150 pages of great free useful travel guide tourist information
Kakadu National Park in Australia - Over 350 photo's and 125 pages of great free useful travel guide tourist information
Litchfield National Park in Australia - Over 300 photo's and 100 pages of great free useful travel guide tourist information

10 Day Selfdrive Route Mt Dare to Alice Springs to Darwin

Access: 4WD - 4X4 - Four Wheel Drive (Seasonal access only)
Start: From Mt Dare
Lenght of Track: 2191km
Finish: Timber Creek
Highlights: Mount Dare, Finke River, Mac Clark Conservation Reserve, N’Dhala Gorge, Arltunga Historical Reserve, Pinnacles Track, Davenport Ranges, Territory’s ‘heart of gold’, Tennant Creek, Devils Marbles, Aboriginal musicians at Winanjjikari Music Centre, Threeways Roadhouse, Lake Mary Ann, Dunmarra, Humbert River Track, Bullita Homestead, Drover's Memorial Park, Timber Creek, Gregory's Tree on the banks of the Victoria River,

Take an epic journey on the Northern Territory’s newest four-wheel drive route, the Binns Track. Journey through the many guises of the Northern Territory – from sandy dunes eight metres high to seas of rolling, grassy plains that flow as far as the eye can see. The track covers 2191km and winds through many of the NT’s lesser-known nature reserves and National Parks.

Day 1: Mt Dare to Alice Springs

Watch sunrise at Mount Dare in South Australia and set off early for the 421 kms journey along Old Andado Track to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Flanking the western fringe of the Simpson Desert, the track passes sand ridges five to eight metres high and meanders through the Finke River flood-out. Enjoy a picnic lunch at Molly Clark’s Old Andado Homestead and unwind in its old-world charm.

Then, travel a further 40 kms to the Mac Clark Conservation Reserve and explore its acres of rare Acacia Peuce trees, found in only two other locations in the world. Continue your journey northbound via Santa Teresa, an Aboriginal community renowned for its vibrant artworks.

By appointment only, from Monday to Thursday, you can watch artists tell their stories on canvas. Drive to Anzac Hill in Alice Springs and watch the sun descend beyond the MacDonnell Ranges. Camp, backpack or stay overnight in the town’s many accommodation options.

Day 2: Alice Springs to Ruby Gap

Drive to N’Dhala Gorge via Numery Road, where more than 6000 ancient rock carvings, known as petroglyphs, trace the Arrente Aboriginal history of the land. The 97 kms route crosses the Ross River several times and is impassable after heavy rain. Then, relive the heyday of Central Australia’s 1980s gold rush fever at Arltunga Historical Reserve.

Located 51 kms from the gorge, here you can explore the mine ruins, pan for gold and cook a barbeque lunch. Camp overnight at the Arltunga Bush Hotel or drive east to Ruby Gap Nature Park and camp on the banks of the Hale River. Although just 38 kms from Arltunga, the drive is slow going and may take up to 2.5 hours.

Day 3: Ruby Gap to Gemtree

The adventure picks up pace along the Pinnacles Track, which connects Gardens Road to the Plenty Highway and offers breathtaking views of the rugged Harts Ranges.

Travel 6 kms west along the highway to Gemtree Caravan Park – your campsite for the evening – and fossick for semi-precious stones in the creek beds of Gemtree and Mud Tank.

Here, garnets and zircons are usually found only a few centimetres below the surface. This is a 95 kms drive from Arltunga Historical Reserve.


Day 4: Gemtree to Davenport Ranges

This section of the track is predominantly off-road and travels through several outback cattle stations to link to the Davenport Ranges – the boundary between the traditional lands of the Warumungu, Alyawarre and Kaytetye Aboriginal people. Wake early and drive 94 kms east along the Plenty Highway.

Gemtree to Davenport Ranges This section of the track is predominantly off-road and travels through several outback cattle stations to link to the Davenport Ranges – the boundary between the traditional lands of the Warumungu, Alyawarre and Kaytetye Aboriginal people. Wake early and drive 94 kms east along the Plenty Highway.

Here, the track travels along 100 kms of station farm roads, which surround the Ampilatwatji and Elkedra communities. The Binns Track intersects the Davenport Murchinson Road 14 kms south east of Murray Downs in the Davenport Ranges. Drive north to Old Police Station Waterhole via Hatches Creek and the Frew River Loop, an alternative to the main access road.

Here, the track travels along 100 kms of station farm roads, which surround the Ampilatwatji and Elkedra communities. The Binns Track intersects the Davenport Murchinson Road 14 kms south east of Murray Downs in the Davenport Ranges. Drive north to Old Police Station Waterhole via Hatches Creek and the Frew River Loop, an alternative to the main access road.

Day 5: Davenport Ranges to Devils Marbles

Explore the quiet and understated beauty of the Davenports on one of the many walking tracks within the park. Then, load the four-wheel- drive and continue along the Frew River Loop to the main access road. This is a 9 kms journey that will take one hour to complete. Follow the main access road to Epenarra and drive 81 kms west to Whistleduck Creek.

Like Old Police Station Waterhole, this is an ideal place to relax. After your vigour is restored, the track continues 90 kms west to incept the Stuart Highway just north of the Devils Marbles. Drive south to this cultural wonder and explore the precariously placed boulders that sit atop one another. Later, set up camp at the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve and watch the sun set behind these massive terracotta icons.

Day 6: Devils Marbles to Tennant Creek

Keen photographers should wake early to capture the marbles illuminated in soft beams of honey-coloured light. After, drive approximately 90 kms north to the Territory’s ‘heart of gold’, Tennant Creek. Strike a beat with local Aboriginal musicians at Winanjjikari Music Centre. Spearheaded by Jeff O’Laughlin, who has previously worked with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the Corrs, visitors are encouraged to join a jam.

The centre is open Monday to Thursday, 8-12am. In the afternoon, visit Nyinkka Nyunyu Art and Culture Centre to learn more about the Warumungu peoples’ connection to the land. Immerse yourself in their story and vibrant artwork, before enjoying a barbeque lunch and cool swim at Lake Mary Ann. Choose to camp, backpack or stay overnight in accommodation within the town.


Day 7: Tennant Creek to Dunmarra

Set off early for an underground experience at the Battery Hill Mining Centre – a tribute to Tennant Creek’s gold rush era. Pan for gold and explore various artefacts from the 1930s. Then, drive to the Pink Palace on the northern fringe of town and watch the Julalikari women paint their stories onto canvas.

Enjoy a cold drink and bite to eat at the family run Threeways Roadhouse, located 25 kms north of Tennant Creek on the Stuart Highway. Continue your journey north to Newcastle Waters, 255 kms from Threeways. Now a deserted ghost town, after rain it’s inhabited by large flocks of water birds.

Travellers can stretch their legs and explore the remains of the 1960s Junction Hotel, museum and the Drover's Memorial Park. Travel a further 78 kms north to Dunmarra and pull in to the Wayside Inn - your campsite for the evening. On weekends during the dry season, the Inn serves mouth-watering spit fire roasts for dinner and hosts snake demonstrations.

Day 8: Dunmarra to Humbert River Track

Load the four-wheel-drive and set of on a 290 kms journey to the Victoria River Downs – one of the largest cattle stations in the Territory. Here, you can get your heart pumping on a scenic chopper flight over Nitmiluk and Kakadu National Parks. Continue 55 kms west along the highway to the Humbert River Ranger Station via Yarralin. Fuel and basic supplies are available at this small Aboriginal community if required.

Lock the hubs and engage four-wheel-drive to tackle the Humbert River Track at the entrance of Gregory National Park. Originally a packhorse trail that connected Bullita Homestead to the Humbert River, the track is slow going in sections with several river crossings and jump-ups. Set up camp at the Top Humbert Yard site, just north of the Wickham Track turnoff.

Day 9: Humbert River Track to Bullita Homestead

The northern section of the Humbert Track is jam packed with more four-wheel driving thrills en route to Bullita Homestead. Slow going in sections, it can take up to 4 hours to complete this 48 kms drive. Located on the banks of the East Baines River, the quaint homestead is a reminder of Gregory National Park’s pastoral history.

Wander through the original timber stockyards - believed to be one of the oldest in the Territory - and get lost in the stories of yesteryear that don the homestead walls. Stay overnight at Bullita Campground and enjoy a night of tall tales by a campfire.

Day 10: Bullita Homestead to Timber Creek

Make the most of your last day and wake early for an adventure at Limestone Gorge – a picture perfect swimming hole engulfed by soaring gorge walls. Explore the dolomite and crater formations in the ravine and cool off, before driving north to Timber Creek, located on the Victoria Highway. Once in town, enjoy a cold drink and counter meal at one of the local pubs.

Later, visit Gregory's Tree on the banks of the Victoria River - an old boab tree that is inscribed with the arrival and departure dates of explorer Augustus Gregory and his party in 1855. Keen anglers should wet their line in the Victoria River and prepare for a battle against the almighty barramundi, while art lovers should visit the rock art paintings at Joe Creek picnic area, east of Timber Creek on the Victoria Highway. Camp or stay in accommodation overnight.


• Fatigue causes many crashes in Australia.
• When driving long distances, stop and rest every 1-2 hours.
• Try to have someone sit beside you to keep you company driving as our NT roads can be long and straight.
• Always carry a copy of your driver’s license in English.
• Take plenty of water on all Outback trips.


• check distances and driving conditions;
• and ensure you have adequate petrol at all times.
• Remember, rule ‘Number 1’ in the Outback: if your car breaks down you MUST stay with your vehicle for safety reasons.
The naming of Binns Track with Mr. Binns the man it's named after.

• Alcohol and driving don’t mix.
• For experienced drivers the blood alcohol level is 0.05.
• Provisional drivers and young drivers may not have any alcohol before driving.
• Seat belts and child restraints must be worn by all vehicle occupants.

Naming of Binns Tracks - Courtesy of NTTC Tourism

The naming of Binns Track with Mr. Binns the man it's named after.

• Don’t drive after dark.
• Parks & Wildlife Commission Northern Territory provides information on camping, National Parks, and permits.
• Ensure you are informed re the safety of swimming in the ‘Top End’ – many areas are not safe to swim due to crocodiles.
• Call 08 8999 4401 or visit for information.

Naming of Binns Tracks - Courtesy of NTTC Tourism

An approximate guide line please refer to the Government information site for Binns Track or purchase our Goholi online PDF Outback Travellers Map at $18.00 from us - email  the NT government direct
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